Removing Left Over Wax From Your Candles

Place your candle jars upside down on a foil & paper towel lined cookie sheet. Place in oven on lowest possible setting for 5-10 minutes. The lowest possible setting on my oven is 175 degrees. Wax will melt down onto the paper towel and you can wipe out remaining wax and wick but BE CAREFUL because jar will be hot. Foil & paper towels can be trashed. You can wash your containers with soap and water but DO NOT put any wax down your drain. Now you can repurpose your containers for pencil/pen holders, make-up brush holders, planters and more! 

Check out our video of how to do this on our Tik-Tok channel - @vantoriaessentials. Share your photos of your repurposed container on Instagram and tag us @vantoria.essentials as we would love to see how you're reusing your containers!

Happy Scenting!!

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