About Us

My Story

It all started in 2016 when I got tired of spending tons of money on candles to make our home smell wonderful. I've always been a lover of candles and whenever anyone walked into our home, I wanted them to immediately think, "Wow, it smells so good in here!" So I spent many hours researching the process of candle making, candle ingredients and candle scents. I spent many days and nights testing my candles and giving them to family and friends just to get their input. I am a pharmacist by trade so I have always enjoyed mixing things and figuring out how ingredients work together. After many months, I finally developed a candle that I was pleased to put my name on and have continued to grow my product line to not only include candles but also wax melts, room diffusers and room sprays. 

I hope you enjoy smelling all of our wonderful products as much as I have enjoyed crafting them for you!

Thank you,