What are Candle Wet Spots?

The spots that you may see on your candle, are actually not wet spots. They are slight imperfections that result from the wax contracting while it cools in the jar. When wax is heated, it expands and when it cools, it contracts. It can occur in candles are low as $5 or in ones that cost $100. It may look a little odd, but it occurs with all types of waxes and does not affect the way your candle burns.

In addition, temperature changes can also cause "wet spots" or the wax to pull away from the sides of the jar (contraction). This can occur during curing, shipping or simply storage of your candle. Preventing "wet spots" is nearly impossible. 

So as long as your candle is burning properly and smells wonderful, don't worry about the "wet spots!"

Happy Burning!!

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